Takashimaya: Japanese department store brand

Website: https://www.takashimaya.co.jp
Headquarters: Japan
Founded: 1831


Takashimaya is a prestigious Japanese department store chain, renowned for its long-standing tradition of excellence, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service. Founded in 1831, Takashimaya has grown from a small kimono shop in Kyoto to a leading international retail brand with stores in Japan and around the world.

Brand Features

  1. Commitment to Quality: Takashimaya is dedicated to offering the highest quality products. From luxury fashion and accessories to gourmet food and home goods, every item is carefully selected to meet the highest standards.
  2. Exceptional Customer Service: The brand is known for its unparalleled customer service, which combines traditional Japanese hospitality with modern convenience. Staff are well-trained to provide personalized assistance and ensure a pleasant shopping experience.
  3. Elegant Store Design: Takashimaya stores are designed with elegance and sophistication in mind. The layout and decor reflect a blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and contemporary design, creating a luxurious shopping environment.
  4. Exclusive Collaborations: The department store frequently collaborates with high-end brands and designers to offer exclusive products and limited-edition items, providing customers with unique shopping opportunities.

Store Categories

  1. Fashion and Accessories: Takashimaya offers a wide range of high-end fashion brands for men, women, and children. This includes luxury clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories from both Japanese and international designers.
  2. Beauty and Cosmetics: The beauty department features a comprehensive selection of skincare, makeup, and fragrance products from top global brands, as well as exclusive Japanese beauty products.
  3. Home and Lifestyle: Customers can find premium home goods, furniture, kitchenware, and décor items. Takashimaya also offers a curated selection of traditional Japanese crafts and modern home accessories.
  4. Food and Gourmet: The department store’s food halls are famous for their diverse offerings of gourmet food, fresh produce, and delicacies. Shoppers can enjoy a variety of Japanese and international cuisines, along with specialty sweets and confections.
  5. Specialty Services: Takashimaya provides various services such as personal shopping, gift wrapping, and concierge services to enhance the shopping experience. Some locations also offer cultural events, exhibitions, and workshops.


  1. Founding in 1831: Takashimaya was founded by Shinshichi Iida in Kyoto, Japan, initially as a small kimono shop.
  2. Expansion in the Meiji Era: During the Meiji era, Takashimaya expanded its product range to include Western-style clothing and other goods, reflecting Japan’s modernization.
  3. Opening of Major Stores: The brand opened major department stores in key Japanese cities, including Tokyo and Osaka, establishing itself as a premier retail destination.
  4. International Expansion: In the latter half of the 20th century, Takashimaya expanded internationally, opening stores in major cities such as Singapore, Taipei, and New York, bringing Japanese retail excellence to a global audience.
  5. Modernization and Digital Integration: In recent years, Takashimaya has embraced modernization by integrating digital technology into its operations. This includes the launch of online shopping platforms and enhanced in-store digital experiences.
  6. Sustainability Efforts: Takashimaya is committed to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices in its operations and offering a selection of environmentally conscious products.
  7. Ongoing Innovation: The brand continues to innovate by renovating its stores, introducing new services, and maintaining its position as a leader in the luxury retail market.

Overseas Stores

Takashimaya Singapore
391A Orchard Road, Singapore 238873
Phone +65-6738-1111

Shanghai Takashimaya
1438 Hong Qiao Road, Chang Ning District, Shanghai, P.R.CHINA 200336
Phone +86-21-2223-2688

Siam Takashimaya
299 Charoen Nakhon Road, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok 10600. Thailand
Phone +66-2-011-7500

Ho Chi Minh City Takashimaya
92-94 Nam Ky Khoi Ngnia St.,Dist 1 HCMC Vietnam
Phone +84-28-3827-8555

Takashimaya’s blend of traditional Japanese values and modern retail practices has allowed it to thrive for nearly two centuries, making it a beloved and respected name in the world of department stores. With its commitment to quality, exceptional service, and continual innovation, Takashimaya remains a top choice for discerning shoppers worldwide.

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