創立時間: 1976
公司總部:United States



Apple is an American electronics product brand founded in 1976. Its products include Mac computers, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.Apple Store has branches in 26 countries and regions.

Key Apple products and services include:

  1. Macintosh Computers: Originally introduced in 1984, the Macintosh was one of the first personal computers to feature a graphical user interface. The product line has evolved over the years to include MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and the Mac Mini.
  2. iPhone: Introduced in 2007, the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry with its unique design and user interface.
  3. iPad: Launched in 2010, the iPad popularized the tablet market. Variants include the standard iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro.
  4. Apple Watch: Launched in 2015, it is Apple’s entry into the smartwatch market, emphasizing health, fitness, and communication.
  5. iPod: Introduced in 2001, the iPod and its variants (Classic, Nano, Shuffle, and Touch) changed the music industry and the way consumers listen to music.
  6. Apple TV: A digital media player and streaming box that allows users to watch content on their televisions.
  7. Software: This includes macOS for Macintosh computers, iOS (later renamed to iPhone OS) for iPhones, iPadOS for iPads, watchOS for Apple Watch, and tvOS for Apple TV. Apple also creates software applications like Safari, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and GarageBand.
  8. Services: Apple offers a variety of services, such as the App Store, iTunes Store, iCloud for storage, Apple Music for music streaming, Apple Arcade for gaming, Apple TV+ for original video content, Apple News+ for journalism, and Apple Fitness+ for fitness classes.
  9. Apple Silicon: In 2020, Apple announced its transition away from Intel processors to its custom ARM-based chips for Macs, known as Apple Silicon. The M1 chip is the first in this lineup.
  10. Retail and Online Stores: Apple has its retail stores worldwide, recognizable by their minimalist design and layout. These stores serve as both sales points and service centers. Their online store is another significant sales channel.

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