Don Quijote: Japanese discount supermarket brand

Founded: 1980
Headquarters: Japan
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Don Quijote is a Japanese multinational discount store chain founded in 1980. It is named Don Quijote in Japan and the United States, and Don Don Donki in other countries.

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Brand Features

  1. Unique Shopping Experience: Don Quijote, commonly known as “Donki,” is renowned for its distinctive and somewhat chaotic store layout. The stores are packed with a wide variety of products, often displayed in a haphazard manner, which creates a treasure-hunt shopping experience for customers. This unique setup encourages exploration and discovery.
  2. Wide Range of Products: One of Don Quijote’s key features is its vast selection of products. The stores offer everything from groceries and electronics to cosmetics, household goods, and luxury items. This extensive product range ensures that customers can find almost anything they need under one roof.
  3. Competitive Pricing: Don Quijote is known for its competitive pricing strategy. The stores offer many products at discounted prices, and they frequently run promotions and special deals. This approach attracts a diverse customer base, from budget-conscious shoppers to tourists looking for unique souvenirs.

Product Categories

  1. Groceries and Food: Don Quijote offers a wide selection of groceries, including fresh produce, snacks, beverages, and ready-to-eat meals. The food section often features both local Japanese products and international items, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.
  2. Electronics and Gadgets: The stores carry a variety of electronics, including smartphones, cameras, home appliances, and gadgets. Customers can find both the latest technology and unique electronic items at competitive prices.
  3. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Don Quijote’s cosmetics section is extensive, offering a wide range of skincare, makeup, and personal care products. The stores feature popular Japanese beauty brands as well as international names, making it a popular destination for beauty enthusiasts.
  4. Household Goods and Appliances: From kitchenware and cleaning supplies to home decor and small appliances, Don Quijote provides a comprehensive selection of household goods. This makes it convenient for customers to find everything they need for their homes.
  5. Fashion and Accessories: The stores offer a diverse range of clothing, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. The fashion section includes casual wear, formal attire, and unique Japanese fashion items.
  6. Toys and Games: Don Quijote features a variety of toys, games, and hobby items, catering to children and collectors alike. The selection includes popular Japanese toys, board games, and unique collectibles.
  7. Luxury and Specialty Items: Some Don Quijote locations offer luxury goods such as designer handbags, watches, and jewelry at competitive prices. These sections often attract tourists and shoppers looking for high-end products at a discount.


  1. Founding: Don Quijote was founded in 1980 by Takao Yasuda, originally as a store called “Just Co.” The first store was located in Tokyo, Japan, and focused on providing a wide range of products at affordable prices.
  2. Rebranding and Expansion: In 1989, the company rebranded itself as “Don Quijote,” inspired by the character from the famous Spanish novel. The rebranding marked the beginning of the company’s rapid expansion across Japan.
  3. Growth in Japan: Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Don Quijote opened numerous stores across Japan, becoming a household name. The brand’s unique shopping experience and wide product range contributed to its popularity among both locals and tourists.
  4. International Expansion: In the 2000s, Don Quijote began its international expansion, opening stores in the United States, Hawaii, and Singapore. The brand aimed to bring its distinctive shopping experience to a global audience.
  5. Acquisitions and Partnerships: Don Quijote has engaged in strategic acquisitions and partnerships to strengthen its market position. In 2019, the company acquired a majority stake in the Japanese supermarket chain Uny, further expanding its presence in the grocery sector.
  6. Rebranding as Pan Pacific International Holdings: In 2019, the parent company of Don Quijote rebranded itself as Pan Pacific International Holdings to reflect its broader business scope and international aspirations. The Don Quijote brand, however, remains strong and continues to grow.
  7. Continued Innovation: Don Quijote continues to innovate and adapt to changing market trends. The company has embraced e-commerce and digital marketing to enhance its customer reach and provide a seamless shopping experience both online and offline.

Don Quijote’s commitment to providing a unique shopping experience, wide product selection, and competitive pricing has made it a beloved brand in Japan and beyond. With its rich history and continued innovation, Don Quijote remains a go-to destination for shoppers seeking variety and value.

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