Metro: Indonesian department store brand

Founded: 1953
Headquarters: Indonesia
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Metro department store is an Indonesian department store chain brand founded in 1953. It currently has 15 stores in Indonesia and 2 stores in Singapore.

Brand Features

  1. Wide Range of Products: Metro Department Store is known for its extensive selection of high-quality products, including fashion, beauty, home, and lifestyle goods. The store offers a diverse range of items that cater to various customer needs, making it a one-stop shopping destination.
  2. Customer-Centric Approach: Metro is committed to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that shoppers have a pleasant and convenient shopping experience. The store offers personalized assistance, a loyalty program, and frequent promotions to reward and engage customers.
  3. Quality and Value: Metro emphasizes the importance of quality and value in its product offerings. By sourcing products from reputable brands and suppliers, the department store ensures that customers receive the best value for their money.

Store Categories

  1. Fashion and Accessories: Metro offers a wide range of fashion items for men, women, and children, including clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. The store features both local and international brands, catering to various styles and preferences.
  2. Beauty and Cosmetics: The beauty department at Metro includes a comprehensive selection of skincare, makeup, and fragrance products from top global brands. Customers can find everything they need to enhance their beauty routine.
  3. Home and Lifestyle: Metro provides a variety of home goods, including furniture, kitchenware, bedding, and home décor items. The store also offers lifestyle products such as fitness equipment, gadgets, and travel accessories.
  4. Food and Grocery: Some Metro locations feature a grocery section, offering fresh produce, gourmet food, and everyday essentials. This makes it convenient for customers to complete their shopping in one place.
  5. Electronics and Appliances: Metro carries a range of electronics and home appliances, from the latest gadgets and devices to essential household appliances. Customers can find top brands and the latest technology at competitive prices.


  1. Founding: Metro Department Store was founded in 1953 in Surabaya, Indonesia, by the late Dato’ Cheng Ching, a Singaporean businessman. The first store was established to cater to the growing demand for quality retail goods in the region.
  2. Expansion in Indonesia: After the success of the first store, Metro expanded its presence in Indonesia, opening additional stores in major cities such as Jakarta and Bandung. The brand quickly gained popularity for its wide range of products and excellent customer service.
  3. Entry into Singapore: In 1991, Metro opened its first store in Singapore, marking the beginning of its expansion into the international market. The brand’s reputation for quality and value helped it establish a strong foothold in the competitive retail landscape of Singapore.
  4. Growth in Southeast Asia: Over the years, Metro continued to expand its presence in Southeast Asia, opening new stores in prime locations and diversifying its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of customers.
  5. Partnerships and Collaborations: Metro has formed strategic partnerships and collaborations with various brands and suppliers to enhance its product range and provide exclusive offerings to customers. These partnerships have helped Metro maintain its competitive edge in the retail market.
  6. Modernization and Innovation: To stay relevant in the rapidly changing retail industry, Metro has embraced modernization and innovation. This includes updating store layouts, incorporating digital technology, and enhancing the online shopping experience for customers.
  7. Community Engagement: Metro is committed to giving back to the community through various corporate social responsibility initiatives. The brand actively supports charitable organizations and participates in events that promote social and environmental causes.

Metro Department Store’s commitment to quality, customer service, and continuous innovation has made it a leading retail brand in Southeast Asia. With a rich history of growth and expansion, Metro continues to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable shopping experience for customers across the region.

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